Episode 7: From divorce to owning eight properties with Sinead Urwin.


When Sinead first had the idea to strike out on her own, as a real estate investor, she was newly divorced.

Now she owns eight properties.

In this podcast, we sit down with her for a conversation about how she turned a stressful situation into one that could support the life of abundance and balance she lives now.

She currently runs a thriving business as a Functional Nutritionist and Work Wellness Coach and finds the time to mother her three boys and tend to her own well-being thanks to her investments in real estate.



Episode 6: How Tessa Arneson supports underserved business founders in Salt Lake City.

Tessa Arneson, founder of the Maven District, has been at the forefront of supporting diverse and underserved business owners for nearly twenty years. 

In this podcast, she sits down with us to talk about how she has committed the last twenty years to fostering and supporting small businesses in Salt Lake City.

Photo of Tessa Arneson by Jackelin Slack



Episode 5: The Wild West of Short Term Rentals with Craig Oborn

In this episode of the At Home Podcast, Monique and Jenni sit down with Market Source Agent Craig Oborn to weigh the pros and cons of investing in a short-term rental.

Craig purchased a property specifically to rent it a few years ago and has never looked back.

Although short-term rental ownership is not for everyone, Craig has some great and very inspiring thoughts on how to get started, what to look out for, and how to take heart when challenges arise.



Episode 4: The 5 biggest mistakes we have seen sellers make when listing a home.

In this episode of the At Home Podcast, Jenni and Monique draw upon their years of experience as listing agents and talk about some major pitfalls they see sellers making when listing their homes. From failing to make minor repairs to shadowy iPhone photos to leaving a humid bathroom or the smells of cooking just before a showing, they have seen it all. The bottom line? Thoughtful preparation and maintenance of your home, while it’s on the market, can, and likely will, make a huge financial difference in the sale of your home.



Episode 3: World travel, two season ski passes and a cross-country move. How Katie and her husband moved from NYC to Salt Lake City on a whim that took months to plan.

Our first guest of the season is Market Source Agent, Tawna Campbell. We sit down with her to talk about funny experiences in real estate (like the time she accidentally walked in on a naked tenant).

You can follow her on Facebook @katieferriellorealtor


Episode 2: Naked homeowners and other bizarre experiences in real estate.

Our first guest of the season is Market Source Agent, Tawna Campbell. We sit down with her to talk about funny experiences in real estate (like the time she accidentally walked in on a naked tenant).

You can follow her on TikTok at @tawna.jo_goodvibesinutah



Episode 1: Breaking through the belief that owning a home is impossible for you.

In this episode of "At Home", Monique, and Jenni, who own multiple properties, share the personal obstacles they had to move through in order to buy their first homes. 

The short of it? Through enough outside resources and creative problem-solving, it is entirely possible for you to own a home.